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We have a team specialized in opening
companies for foreigners in Brazil
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Turnkey Solutions for Emerging Markets

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Brasco Enterprises is comprised of a team of highly-skilled professionals who understand each country’s culture, values, market, and opportunities.

Emerging Markets
We understands emerging markets and have expertise in areas such as strategy, risk-management, decision making, and government relations.

Tailored Services
All services provided by Brasco Enterprises are tailored to fit our client’s needs. Altogether, this results in state-of-the-art solutions covering all fields.

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All about Entrepreneurship in Brazil

company formation in Brazil

Company formation in Brazil: 5 essential factors

In company formation in Brazil, it is key to plan so we’ve put together an indispensable step-by-step guide for each type of company. One of the first steps when registering a company is to research the corporate name and trade name. The goal is to know if they are available. Establishing the company’s physical headquarters …

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open a company in Brazil

How to open a company in Brazil? Understand how our tips

Learn about the advantages and get step-by-step instructions on how a foreigner can open a company in Brazil. Brazil is a country that generates successful results for many foreign ventures despite the tax complexities. It is a country of great opportunities for foreigners who intend to want to participate in business. It offers receptivity and …

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Understand the risks of doing business in Brazil

The number of entrepreneurs grows every year and a new business model emerges every moment. Therefore, it is natural that new markets will also be explored, as is the case with Brazil. But what are the risks of doing business in Brazil? As in any other country, there are some risks of doing business in …

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Due diligence in business in Brazil: 6 reasons to hire Brasco

Due Diligence is a kind of in-depth audit in relation to all the documentation of the different sectors of the company. The process consists of studying, analyzing, and evaluating these documents. But what is the purpose of this work? In practice, the result of Due Diligence generates a great impact on the company, positively influencing …

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To Succeed

We can provide you with referrals, leads, presentations and formal network sharing, for instance.

Notwithstanding, you may ask us to review the universe of potential acquisition targets in light of certain specific criteria, such as size range, capabilities, key relationships with suppliers, customers, etc. ​
Directors may want to establish or consolidate a market-leading position by expanding horizontally, buying competitors, or increase control of the supply chain within their sector or subsector by expanding vertically, buying suppliers or customers. ​Once we have researched and identified possible targets, you may then ask us to approach some or all of them without revealing your identity to gauge their interest in a sale.


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    An American consulting
    firm established to provide
    companies feasible options
    and solutions to expand
    their business operations


    Increased sales and presence
    and to create a market share
    in growing economies outside
    the United States with a special
    focus on Brazil.

    HOW WE DO?

    Our team is comprised of
    highly-skilled American
    and Brazilian personnel who
    understand each country’s culture, values, market, and opportunities.

    WHY WE DO?

    We have a broad range of business associates and partners who are able
    to give state-of-the-art services
    customized to your needs with
    expertise in their areas of responsibility.