Brasco Enterprises

Brasco Enterprises specializes in helping you make your dream of starting a business in Brazil come true in a simplified way.

With a qualified team, Brasco contributes to the opening of companies in Brazil, offering a complete solution for starting a company. This way, your dream (and team) gains a legal representative who has extensive expertise in the process of regularizing your business.

The Brasco team contributes to market research, risk management, and business growth strategies, among other areas, to help with the essential demands of your business so it starts the right way in the market.

We not only provide services as described here, but we go above and beyond to bring solutions to your needs in emerging markets. Our team works with you to come up with a comprehensive set of solutions to make your idea come true.

Our services provide seamless integration with your company’s culture, values, ​​and ethical standards.

One of our goals is to eliminate the cultural barrier when starting an operation in a foreign market.

Brasco Enterprises helps with all types of products and services, delivering state-of-the-art results.

Mergers and acquisitions 

Do you want to acquire a Brazilian company to increase your presence in the market? Brasco contributes by doing market research, auditing the company, and guiding the entire process of mergers and acquisitions.

The Brasco Enterprises team performs a scenario analysis, researches the market, and advises on all stages of the merger and acquisition process. This way the interested party can have a complete picture, identifying if the transaction they want to make is really suitable, profitable, and beneficial.

Through risk management advice, Brasco makes the necessary notes in order to ensure an efficient merger, with excellent negotiation for the contracting party.

Having a qualified and experienced team assisting in the process of merger and acquisition of companies enables a more efficient merger, where all data is analyzed so that the merger process is positive from a financial point of view. 

In addition, having a team you trust analyzing all the data provided by the management of the company with which you want to merge allows greater security in the process.

You can rest safe knowing that all information was analyzed by a responsible and qualified team to issue a position and guidance regarding the merger.

Count on a team that helps you

Brazil is a bureaucratic country in relation to companies and businesses. Brasco Enterprises has a qualified team to help you deal with the processes, steps, and documents.

Get in touch and learn about all the solutions that our team of specialists offers to facilitate the opening of your company in Brazil, merger, or investment in the country.

Consultancy and Assistance to Invest in Brazil
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