Types of Companies in Brazil

Did you know that there are different classifications and types of companies in Brazil according to their revenue? Understanding how the classifications of companies in Brazil work is important to be able to verify the framework of your business.

Considering that, each classification triggers certain fees according to the tax classification, which directly depends on your monthly billing.

Types of companies in Brazil: how does it work?

The classification of companies in Brazil is related to the size of the business, both in terms of revenue and the number of employees. Currently, the types of companies in Brazil are:

  • MEI;
  • Empresário Individual;
  • Sociedade Empresária Limitada;
  • Sociedade Simples;
  • Sociedade Anônima;
  • Sociedade Limitada Unipessoal.

With foreign capital, it is not possible to fit into all types of companies in Brazil. It is necessary to meet specific rules of the tax framework to be able to make sure your business is functioning legally and correctly. 

Classification of companies in Brazil – invoicing

When it comes to billing, it is perfectly possible to start a small business and change the classification as the business grows.

It is important to pay attention to growth leaps so that you can pay for the changes, which require documentation and expenses with new frameworks.

Although it is a bureaucratic process, with a good accountant and detailed planning, the new framework can be done without damaging the company’s finances.

How do I know which type of company in Brazil my business fits?

The Brasco Enterprises team offers complete and comprehensive consultancy and assistance for your business! Our team of specialists helps to answer all your questions and make sure your company is operating legally and properly in Brazil.

Whether it is a business that is now entering the market or a company that is opening a branch in Brazil, it is necessary to understand the country’s bureaucratic issues to start your investments in the right way and avoid tax problems.

Check out what are the solutions that Brasco offers for opening your business. Start investing in Brazil without having to deal with the bureaucracy of fitting your company to the demands of the country. 

Our experts take care of everything!

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