Registered Agent in Brazil for Companies

Having a registered agent in Brazil for foreign companies is a great way to start the process of entering the Brazilian market.

After all, the company’s registered agent may represent it before the Federal Revenue Service and other individuals or legal entities.

This makes it easier for the company to start operating in Brazil as with a registered agent you have someone responsible for opening and regularizing the company’s initial activities in the country.

Registered agent of the company: what is it?

The registered agent for companies is a professional who acts representing the company before the Federal Revenue. In addition, they can act in any negotiations made with individuals or legal entities in the country.

The professional is delegated some powers, such as signing contracts and negotiations on behalf of the company.

Hiring a registered agent in Brazil for business, who has the technical knowledge to open your company in Brazil, or to facilitate the reduction of bureaucracy in processes, dealing with tax and fiscal issues, for example, is an important step toward success.

Registered agent of the company: responsibility

The company’s registered agent at the Federal Revenue, for example, has the responsibility to act to legalize the company. The objective is to leave all the financial parts of the opening of the CNPJ in perfect condition so that the company can launch successfully. 

The professional’s responsibility depends directly on the duties given to the representative. The partners or the sole owner of the company need to give the professional the documentation necessary. 

It is necessary to establish what the action is and what powers will be given to this representative to act on behalf of the company.

It is not necessary to give full powers to the representative if they are being hired only as a registered agent in Brazil for customs companies, for example.

Therefore, hiring is safe and fully provided for in national legislation. What allows the representative to really fulfill a role that brings differentials to the business and allows them to open your company in Brazil efficiently following your company’s business plan.

Brasco Enterprises has a qualified team to act to represent your interests in Brazil. Discover our registered agent solutions for companies.

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