Open a Company in Brazil

To open a company in Brazil you need to fulfil a series of bureaucratic steps, presenting essential documents to ensure the business is legal.

Having a team specialized in opening companies for foreigners in Brazil makes the process much easier. If you do not have a local team of experts, you’re increasing the time it will take to open your company as you will probably make mistakes in the presentation of documents, which ends up slowing down the legalization of the business.

Process of opening a company in Brazil

A foreigner who wants to start a business needs to be aware that the time it takes to start a business in Brazil changes according to the city where the business is being established.

On average, it takes 45 to 60 days to confirm the opening of the company with all the agencies involved.

There are numerous documents and processes that end up weighing on your mind and making the process really complex, particularly when it comes to opening a company as a foreigner in Brazil.

This is because it is necessary to prove that there is no fraud related to the money that is being used to start the project.

Compared to 6 years ago, it is currently easier and fasterto open a company in Brazil, precisely because there is the possibility of doing more processes online.

However, mistakes caused by possible inexperience cause an increase in the average time.

Opening a branch of a foreign company in Brazil

The process of legalizing a foreign branch in Brazil requires different documents from opening a business that would be 100% national when undertaking in the country and starting a Brazilian company.

Therefore, they are different processes that need different documents and different proofs so that the regularization of the business is done quickly and the company can start operating in the national territory.

Have a team of talented professionals deal with the bureaucratic process so you can easily open a company in Brazil — whether it’s a subsidiary or a business fully conceived as an investment in Brazil.

Take advantage of Brasco Enterprises’ consultancy and assistance to invest in Brazil with foreign capital and succeed.

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