What is a legal representative of a company in Brazil?

The legal representative of a company is a person who will represent the company and the shareholders in front of the Brazilian federal revenue and fulfil other legal demands.

To help you know a little more about the legal representation of a business, we will explain to you the details about what a legal representative of a company is and how they work.

What is a legal representative of a company?

First of all, a legal representative is an individual who receives such a title in the articles of organization ofthe company.

Therefore, the legal representative of a company has duties and powers linked totheir position. Given this, the representative may sign contracts on behalf of the company (limited powers set forth on the articles of organization), ,be served by process, and even assume obligations on behalf of the company sincethey are legally responsible for the company, acting as an administrator of it.

However, it is important to highlight that legal representativeshave no full powers. They should always act according to the interests of the company they represent. Otherwise, they may be deprived of their position as a legal representative.

What is necessary to be a legal representative?

The legal representative is a Brazilian, who isa resident of Brazil and will be personally responsible for the fulfilment of the company’s legal and tax obligations.

Thus, the professional will be able to deal with all court summons on behalf of the foreign partner, providing ahigh-quality service and helping in the proper functioning of the company on national soil.

The advantages of having a legal representative for your company in Brazil

There are numerous advantages of having a legal representative of your company’s interests in Brazil, such as:

1. Capturing more investments

A legal representative of a company can do business in its name. This will allow you to close new deals in the country and increase the company’s participation in the national market.

2. Dealing with bureaucracies

By hiring a legal representative (in the U.S. known as registered agent) , the professional can deal with Brazilian bureaucracies in the name of their foreign partner. Thus, you can have a compliant business with full operating conditions.

3. Credibility

A company that wants to enter the Brazilian market and has a representative in the national territory can convey a much more reliable image.

More credibility directly helps to close more deals and have the brand spread across the country.

In addition, there are numerous other benefits that hiring can play so that the company is successful on Brazilian soil.

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