What types of companies can be opened in Brazil?

Different types of companies can be opened in Brazil. The type of company depends on a number of factors.

Therefore, establishing a company in the country must always be done under the guidance of a knowledgeable professional specialized in the area. We offer relevant tips and information to help you make the best decision so that you can open your business in Brazil without making any mistakes and taking advantage of the opportunities available in the country.

Types of companies in Brazil

As in other countries, there are various types of companies that can be established in Brazil, depending on factors such as initial investment and industry.

The types of companies include:

  • SLU (Limited Sole Proprietorship);
  • EIRELI (Limited Liability Individual Company);
  • EI (Individual Company);
  • S.A (Corporations);
  • LTDA (Limited or Limited Company).

The selection process does not depend only on what type of business you want to open. It is also necessary to determine the initial value of the investment as that affects the kind of business.

In addition, corporate composition, the sector in which you want to operate, and various other factors need to be considered when opening your business.

Types of Brazilian companies – Size

The size of the company directly impacts the opening of the business. It is important to note that it is possible to start a small business or make a more significant investment and start a more robust company. However, this decision will change the size of the company. There are three key sizes of companies in Brazil:

  • MEI (Individual Micro Entrepreneur);
  • EPP (Small Company);
  • ME (Micro Company).

Size is directly related to the initial value of the business so it will influence various aspects of the business such as how many employees can be hired.

Restriction for foreigners looking to open a company in Brazil

Foreigners wishing to obtain a visa as an investor in Brazil need to spend at least R$ 150,000 in hiring Brazilian professionals.

In contrast, a foreigner who is a partner in a Brazilian company residing in another country has other rules to follow, including obtaining a CPF and going through the process with the Brazilian Board of Trade.

Having qualified support makes all the difference for investorslooking to do business in Brazil. Guidance from experts means you can maximize your chances of success in the Brazilian market.

After all, there are many opportunities in the country as it currently lacks innovation, technology, and investment. Therefore, foreign investors can contribute to the development of Brazil with companies that have an impact on the country’s economy.

Count on Brasco to open your business in Brazil

Foreign investors who want to open a business in Brazil need to analyze a series of factors, study the market, and often adapt their initial idea to suit the specific context of the sector, area, and demographic.

For this very reason, Brasco offers qualified consultancy, enabling investors to adopt a much more assertive decision-making process.

Our team analyzes the market, guides decision-making, and contributes at all stages so that your business can be successful in the Brazilian market. Get in touch, find out about our solutions, and take advantage of qualified help to invest in Brazil.

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